1000 Friends

THIS MONTH, we invite you to join us in a special effort to centralize love and establish equity in our school communities. It’s called the 1000 Friends of Kairos campaign. The idea is simple:

Have 1000 people give $1000 to KairosPDX in whatever way they are able.

See details below


Our policy and advocacy work is not new. To transform how children experience school we need to be a chorus of voices saying that change is necessary. Get involved! Donate below! #Kairos1000friends

You can also complete a pledge form here.

KairosPDX is a non-profit corporation with 501(c)(3) status, so all donations are tax deductible.


Hear Why Others are Joining! 

See more 1000 Friends Videos on the KairosPDX YouTube Channel! 



Thank You to our 1000 Friends!

Jules Bailey
Adrian Blackman
Frank Reppenhagen
Vici Wolff
Kara Bader
Rashad and Marsha Williams
Bryan Kappa
Survey Monkey
Charles Rooks
Jennifer Buml
Daniela Kerrigan
American Online Giving Foundation
Curtis Robinhold
Bradley Miller
Patrick Criteser
Margaret Brooks
Ed Mueller
Neil Berl
Francie and Paul Duden
Leotta Gordon Foundation
John and Nancy Todd
Pamela Kislak
OH Planning+Design, Architecture
Jennifer Bruml
Neil Berl
Elizabeth and Ben Bohannon
Douglass Nelson in honor of Uncle Carl
Leonard J. Bergenstein
Jelly Helm
Carol A. Vaughan
Pamela and Michael Ryan
Linda Richardson Harper
Molly Claire Franks
Mark Holloway and David Kahl
Nia Ray
Jessica Richey
Joanna Valliere
Latricia Tillman
Jane Ames
McCailin Wunder
Sarah Knipper
Margaret Day
Wizense, Inc.
Andrea Cook
Carole Smith
Lisa Bazemore
Kai Steimle
Christine Pitts
Pat Welch
Teran Colen
Jack Lazarek
Emily Hill
Sue Collins-Larson
Jeanne Chamberlain
Keith Daily
Kathryn Fulmer
Peter Fitz
Bradley J Melaugh
Jessica Corcoran
Zachary Goldstein
Steve Gray
Deanna Wesson-Mitchell
Rebecca Schroeder
Matthew Hensel
Jules Kopel-Bailey
Dennis Johnson
Bruce Moreira
Lisa McFerrin
Margaret Hinshaw
Sonya Rheingold
Mary Moreira
Jake Weigler
Nicholas Viele
Andrew Ayala
Polly Spencer
Miriam Neidhardt
Duncan Wyse
Michelle Weatheroy
Ellen Macke
Reginald Nichols
Jose Gonzalez
Herbert Prichard
Tim Rayle
Steven Beard
Randy Boehm
Eileen Brady
Charles Wilhoite
Swati Adarkar
Annie Klug
Sue Miller
Curtis Ellis
Margottina Verch