Pursuing Equity

The Achievement Gap has barely moved for 50 years! Fifty years too long. We want to be part of that change, part of the renaissance that re-imagines what equity can look like in a school, a classroom, in how we treat children and how we believe in them. We hope you will join us in this effort.

The achievement gap in Portland Public Schools is stark.

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How does KairosPDX currently serve in working towards educational equity outside of our organization?

1. Eliminating Disparities Collaborative- In the face of an entrenched opportunity gap, community leaders established racial equity as the top priority of the All Hands Raised Partnership. Co-convened with the Coalition of Communities of Color, the Eliminating Disparities in Child & Youth Success Collaborative is on the leading edge of that effort. This Collaborative brings six superintendents together with leaders from the communities directly impacted by racial inequity as well as other cross-sector partners. A foundation of trust and transparency creates the space for conversations that can be difficult, complex and emotionally charged. A sense of shared accountability for improving student outcomes binds the group together.

2. Early Learning Council Equity Sub-Committee Appointed by Governor Kitzhaber, the Early Learning Council is leading the redesign of Oregon’s early learning system to ensure that that families are stable and attached , the systems are efficient and aligned, and that all children are ready for kindergarten and reading on grade level by third grade, this subcommittee plays an important role in achieving those outcomes by developing an operational tool box for applying the equity lens in early learning programs and Early Learning Hubs. Operationalizing the equity lens will help eliminate disparities in kindergarten readiness and create opportunities for success by implementing changes that align programs, systems and funding in early childhood, with a focus on children living in poverty and children of color. KairosPDX is a participant in this subcommittee. Thoughts and ideas to share? Email info@kairospdx.org

3. Education Justice Committee of Coalition of Communities of Color

The CCC’s Educational Justice Initiative creates better outcomes for all students by removing barriers facing students of color.  Over the next several years, their work will

  • Create a clearinghouse for educational justice work in Oregon that includes collaboratively developing a statewide roadmap for educational justice allies to identify and promote promising practices to close the opportunity and achievement gaps.
  • Conduct a case study on the CCC/Portland Public Schools partnership to detail instrumental factors for successful collaboration between school districts and community advocates, and to provide a replicable model for counties contiguous to Multnomah County.
  • Identify, activate and support a growing cross-sector collaborative of organizations, businesses and jurisdictions across the region committed to racial educational equity and the implementation of a shared action plan.
  • Promote the voice and influence of leaders of color in educational equity by placing them in strategic leadership positions and advocacy activities.


4. Black Male Achievement Initiative- Spearheaded by the Mayor’s Office, this initiative is focused on improving outcomes for black males from childhood to adulthood by challenging systemic issues, improving access to resources and ensuring all black males have access to quality learning environments.