KairosPDX was established on the belief that every child is uniquely capable, innately curious, and inherently creative. KairosPDX cultivates and illuminates the next generation of diverse leaders to build a better future for all.

Our approach of dismantling structural racism to create lasting change includes policy advocacy, non-discriminatory training, and professional development services. We provide hands-on learning through our flagship school and serve our community via partnerships and family engagement programs.

Through culturally-competent teaching, intentional interaction, and exposure to diverse role models, we help break down fear and build empathy. We teach our children through our actions and our voices to reject stereotypes and above all, to see the humanity in one another.

KairosPDX is transforming education by catalyzing change and proving that a positive, loving, and secure community can prepare students for optimal learning and compassionate leadership.

Who Are We?

What We Do?

The KairosPDX Learning Academy is a K-5 community school.

The Family Engagement Team works to bridge the gap of communication

KairosPDX Government Affairs

Kairospdx Training Academy



The community we serve is reflected in our founders, our employees and our board. The building we are currently housed in intentionally serves as historical tie and space for the African-American community in North/Northeast Portland.

The KairosPDX Board of Directors generally meets on the second Wednesday every other month. The Learning Academy section of the meeting is public. To ensure access or request interpretation services, please contact us at boardsecretary@kairospdx.org.


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