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Spread the Love 2022

Join us this February 26, 2022 for a virtual gala event. The work of KairosPDX to empower students in Portland’s historically underserved communities is imperative to their future success. We are currently seeking sponsors for our event. Your investment as a sponsor, helps us to expand our work to the greater community and helps KairosPDX to lead the movement to right the systemic wrongs of the past and present, and help historically under-served children move into places of empowerment. Please be in touch with Sonia Marie Leikam, Director of Development with any questions at soniamarie@kairospdx.org

Spread the Love 2022 Virtual Gala

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A huge THANK YOU to everyone who tuned in to our Virtual Gala presented by CBRE!

It was so wonderful to watch our community rally around KairosPDX. Everything we do at KairosPDX is about creating a bright future for our Black kids – and we are making that happen thanks to your support!

Together, we raised a significant amount of money to eliminate racial achievement and opportunity gaps by cultivating confident, creative, and compassionate leaders. 

For questions, please email spreadthelove@kairospdx.org


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