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Government Affairs.

KairosPDX is a voice for change for young Black children and families. We are actively represented at state and local policy tables to push decision makers and establish ourselves as thought leaders moving towards greater impact and opportunity for black children. All of the research points to the need for children to have these skills as well as care and connection to build the foundation of resiliency that they need to thrive and come out of this pandemic period stronger, not weaker.

Government Affairs & Advocacy

We exercise our policy work as members of the Coalition of Communities of Color; Preschool for All Taskforce; the Early Learning HUB of Multnomah County; Black Student Success Committee for Oregon; Care Oregon; and the CCO Taskforce work. Our presence enables us to impact policy for our region and Oregon in ways that reflect the values and needs of underserved communities that tend to be overlooked and left behind in education. Our primary focus has been Black children and families and their academic opportunity and success. We have convened stakeholders from other culturally specific organizations that include: SEI, BPI , Albina Headstart and other Black elders/leaders who are unaffiliated with an organization.

Early Childhood Policy

Early Learning Council
Preschool for All

Appointed by Governor Kitzhaber, the Early Learning Council is leading the redesign of Oregon’s early learning system to ensure that that families are stable and attached , the systems are efficient and aligned, and that all children are ready for kindergarten and reading on grade level by third grade, this subcommittee plays an important role in achieving those outcomes by developing an operational tool box for applying the equity lens in early learning programs and Early Learning Hubs. Operationalizing the equity lens will help eliminate disparities in kindergarten readiness and create opportunities for success by implementing changes that align programs, systems and funding in early childhood, with a focus on children living in poverty and children of color. KairosPDX is a participant in this subcommittee. (From Pursuing Equity page)

K-12 Policy

Equitable Funding
Center for Black Excellence

Policy Accomplishments

- Increased awareness and commitment by communicating our work with families and our community.

- Participated in action groups, such as The Early Childhood Equity Collaborative, the Student Success Act: Partners Convening group, and the Coalition of Communities of Color.

- Served on the rule-making committee for the Early-Childhood Equity Fund.

- Worked with partners and community members to set clear goals and objectives, both for the long term and in response to the current pandemic.

- Collaborated with education advocacy organizations focused on equity on policy and advocacy agenda for the short session and long session that is focused on youth of color. KairosPDX represented the needs of young, black children and families in particular

- Worked with the governor’s education advisor on convening a conversation around Oregon funding equity in early childhood and K-12.

- Worked with partners from across the state to secure $62 Million in funding for the Oregon Cares Fund for Black Relief and Resiliency.

- Continued to participate in the Multnomah County Preschool for All Task Force and raise awareness about the plan.


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