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Transforming education takes a vision for change, a commitment to excellence and an ability to execute. It takes a multi-pronged approach that collectively builds a model of what is possible, prioritizes the engagement of family and integrates systemic change work. KairosPDX focuses on changing the entire system through our critical programs:

KairosPDX 2022 Impact Report

Our flagship program, a Reggio-inspired, K-5 public charter school focused on supporting historically underserved children through a model that is both intellectually rigorous and healing-centered.

Our Family Engagement and Partnerships work builds trusting relationships between home, school and community as well as hosts culturally specific events and workshops to build the intellectual, social, and human capital of families.

Launched in 2021, we now offer culturally-competent consulting and professional development services. Along with our year-long professional development series for educators and administrators, we offer a cross-sector training that provides research and best practices on leading in an equity movement.

As a thought leader and collaborative partner in the movement for racial equity in Oregon, KairosPDX stands on the frontlines of education policy and advocacy. We are demanding new policies that do not harm our Black community.

Many of the things we need can wait. The child cannot wait. Right now is the time his bones are being formed, his blood is being made, and his senses are being developed. To him we cannot answer ‘Tomorrow.’ His name is ‘Today.’ “ ~ Gabriela Mistral

Why Choose Us?

Why we are here?

In Oregon, with the fourth worst graduation rate in the nation and a national ranking of 40th out of fifty states for having the largest achievement gaps, innovation is needed. We cannot as a community continue to have over 50% of Black, Hispanic and Native American students dropping out of high school. The achievement and opportunity gap for kids of color and children in poverty matters; especially to a city that is becoming increasingly diverse. Currently, 44% percent of Kindergartners in PPS are students of color and it is estimated by 2020 it will be majority minority. Consider the following according to the 2009 census:

  • The population of Multnomah County has grown .7% over the past year continuing a trajectory of growth over the last decade
  • The population of every race, except Caucasians, has grown since 2000
  • 121,000 youth (people under the age of 18) reside in the City of Portland
  • 20,246 live in poverty
  • 11,081 Speak English as a second language

The achievement and opportunity gaps for this increasingly diverse community is not the Portland that makes us proud. We can do better. That is why Kairos exists and why we believe others are supporting us in these efforts.

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KairosPDX next event August 2022


KairosPDX is monitoring the ongoing coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic according to the guidelines and recommendations of government agencies and our Portland Public School district. We are asking all community members to please use the email for any communications related to Coronavirus, COVID-19.


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