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KairosPDX 2016 Pinot Noir | Stoller Family Estate

Right now you might be wondering, what does KairosPDX’s mission have to do with wine? Well, we partnered with the fine folks at Stoller Family Estate because we both believe in closing Portland’s persistent opportunity and achievement gaps to enact real, lasting change. So here’s to raising glasses and raising hearts, together. 30% of the proceeds go to Kairos! This special edition is only available online here.

KairosPDX Blend | Good Coffee

Good | A Coffee Company believes in good work and the benefits that exist for our communities when nonprofits & businesses participate in work that addresses the issues facing the people of Portland. The Common Good project was created as a custom coffee blend to highlight organizations doing meaningful work in Portland. They’ve chosen Kairos as one of those organizations!

Last school year, through a collaborative effort, our 3rd and 4th graders got the chance to choose the flavors they thought would be the best tasting combination to create our own signature blend. When you buy the Kairos Blend, 20% of the sales will be given to Kairos to support our mission. Get yours here!